Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday afternoon spent in Battery Park

So today my fiance, whose name is Alex and our dog Charleston (aka Charlie) went for a nice walk down to the Battery! My house is only 2 blocks away, so we do this frequently. My absolute favorite time of year in Charleston is early Fall, so naturally I had to go for a walk. The sun was high in the sky, but there was the most wonderful breeze that blew in from the Charleston harbor that could be matched by no other.

On the way, we walked down one of our favorite street on the peninsula, Legare Street. At one of the houses on this street, someone found a mortar shell from a cannon that was around during the Civil war. How cool is that??

Here is the garden of the house...and other cool photos of Legare

Now enough about the journey there and a little more about the destination. Did you know that the Battery is actually a pretty important part of Charleston history? I was a seawall that was used for defense during the Civil War. It wasn't used at a park until 1837. Still...that's a pretty old park haha!!

Here is a picture of what the Battery used to look like back in the day...

Now it looks like this...the beautiful oak trees make it look a little different down they?

Well, just thought I would share that little bit of Charleston history with you!! It may be cliche, but it's my favorite place in Charleston. Alex even proposed to me huh??

Charlie drinking from fountian
Me holding Charlie back from the squirrels

Tah Tah for now!!

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