Sunday, September 16, 2012

Charlestowne Landing


Today Alex and I decided to play tourists for the day and go to Charlestowne Landing. I've been there several times as a kid (you know, class trips and family adventures) but Alex had never been!! I've made it kind of a personal mission to show him the hidden gems of Chucktown.

Charlestowne Landing is somewhat of a state's where the original settlers of Charlestown ended up. It's really cool because it is right across the Ashley river from the Peninsula (you can literally see Downtown from across the river). We decided to take our bikes so we could explore some of the cool wildlife trails the park features (a tip from my mama).

It was truly a beautiful and adventurous day learning about Charleston history!! It is definitely a must see when in Charleston! Ps definitely take a bike if you much better.

Here are some pictures from the day:

The Legare-Waring House...isn't this gorgeous?
 cute puma
 turtle family

 you can see the Ravenel Bridge

 log cabin

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  1. I've catered there a bunch of times and didn't know all that was there! Great pics!